Comparison of Plans
We offer four distinct buying options. Each is designed to meet different customer's needs. Our Basic Plan is designed for low usage needs, but amazing assessment pricing. For higher volume, even lower pricing, and more options, try our Premium and Premium Plus Plans. For the highest volume for recruiting or large training needs, as well as the power to build your own surveys, 360s, questionnaires, interview questions and exams, we offer our Unlimited Plan.

Plan Limitless Basic Limitless Premium Limitless Premium PLUS Limitless Unlimited
Renews Monthly Annually Annually Annually
DISC Behavioral Index
Motivating Factors
Emotional-Social Intelligence
Learning Styles
Soft Skills Indexes
Change Readiness Index
Career Interests Index
Total Wellness Index
Behaviors & Motivators Index
Spectrum Indexes
Create Hyperlinks
Multiple Report Views
Language Options
Search Based on Scores
Comparison of Reports
Export Data
Usage Reports
Create & Save Benchmarks
Good, Fair, Poor Job Fit
Exam & Quiz Building/Grading
Interview Questions
Survey Building/Delivery
Suvey Analysis
Survey Templates
360 Building/Analysis
*Lower your price when you pay for full year in advance.