Consider These National Statistics:

  • 65% of job applicants lie on their resumes. This is the key source that many hiring managers rely on to source and narrow down applicants.

  • Bottom performers produce 40% to 67% less than top performers (productivity lost, customers lost, sales lost).

  • 46% of new hires leave their jobs within the first year.

  • 50% of current employees are actively seeking or are planning to seek a new job.

  • 46% of U.S. new hires must be classified
    as failures within their first 18 months
    (fired, pressured to quit, required
    disciplinary action).

At Limitless Assessments we are devoted to helping our customers dramatically lower turnover and bad hires, while increasing employee satisfaction, engagement and retention in their organizations. This is achieved by hiring based on metrics and measurable skills rather than resumes. In addition, our tools help you retain top talent by identifying opportunities for training, professional development, mentoring and job/role clarification.

In the past, the expense of these tools has limited their use to larger companies, or after narrowing the pool of candidates down to a handful. Instead of being used as an asset to a company, they have been seen as a great expense. With our plan options you not only receive unlimited assessments for a low monthly rate, you also receive your own Limitless Management System with many features to further enhance the value of these tools.

In addition to our suite of assessments, we can work with you to build customized tools for your organization that can be added to your account.

Try our assessments today and you will see that their reliability, validity, and unique price structure are what make Limitless Assessments the fastest-growing assessment company in the world.